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Cadenzas: An Intercultural Journey (released 2020)


Drawn from a variety of live performances, this recording reflects the musical pastiche that defines Project Cadenzas, a creative fieldwork and collaboration that brings together the richness of Baroque art music with traditional cultural expression of Taiwan in efforts to showcase artistic expression and creative improvisation while also reflecting social-cultural contexts. 

A 2019 recipient of funded awards by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan and The Puffin Foundation West, Ltd., Project Cadenzas artistic director Hsuan Chang Kitano is an accomplished harpsichordist dedicated to promoting intercultural and interdisciplinary performances that bridge traditional and new music. 

The CD recording,「Project Cadenzas」: An Intercultural Journey, is a collection from numerous live concerts on improvisational topics, which were successfully performed using ethnic Taiwanese instruments, traditional Chinese instruments, and Western instruments–the harpsichord. These cross-cultural collaborative partners include the Graduate Institute of Musicology at National Taiwan University (NTU), the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and the Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Art (TNNUA)— offer new perspectives for viewing the artistic riches of the participating cultural traditions. 


1. The Grand Hujia for Guqin and Harpsichord (Live)

Shih-Chia Lin, Hsuan Chang Kitano

2. The Woods: Improvisation of Nose for Flute, Dizi, Erhu, Pipa, Harpsichord (Live)

Hsuan Chang Kitano, Hsian-Feng Lin, Jui-Ling Chang, I-Jou Chiang & Yun-Ni Hsieh

3. Mountain Echoes and River Song for Matouqin, Zheng, And Harpsichord (Live)

Yuan-Ping Wang, Huang da-Wei, Hsuan Chang Kitano

4. Juggling for Jing Hu, Pipa, Harpsichord, Chinese Gong and Drum (Live)

Hsiao-Chiao Chen, Cheng-Chun Hunag, An Tsai,Kuan-Hsien Ho, Chih-Er Liu, An-Jia Chang, Hsuan Chang Kitano

5. Wood Blending for Erhu and Harpsichord (Live)

Kai-Yu Chang, Hsuan Chang Kitano

6. Huqin Lament Bass (Live)

Hsuan Chang Kitano, Kai-Yu Chang, Hsiao-Chiao Chen, Yen-Hsuan Wu & Chih-Ling Lin

7. Enhancing Cycle of Five Element Wu Xing: I. Metal (Live) 

Hsuan Chang Kitano, Chia-Yu Wu, You-Chen Kuo, Yuan-Ping Wang, Kai-Yu Chang, Hsiao-Chiao Chen, Yen-Hsuan Wu & Chih-Ling Lin

8. Enhancing Cycle of Five Element Wu Xing: II. Wood (Live)

9. Enhancing Cycle of Five Element Wu Xing: III. Water (Live)

10. Enhancing Cycle of Five Element Wu Xing: IV. Fire (Live)

11. Enhancing Cycle of Five Element Wu Xing: V. Earth (Live)